May 15, 2021

Saturday Feels ~

The only thing you can do is prepare the best
 you can and then just accept... stuff happens... 

Yesterday we decided to go to Costco 😂.  Surprise!  
It was packed.  No matter where you go in Puerto Rico 
there are hundreds of people.  Especially when it comes 
to grocery stores of sorts.  People here eat very well.

Arvid and I were not members.  All we wanted to do was to 
check out and see if we could find a few things we are not able
 to find in the grocery store.  No sireee.  We had to be members.  
No day pass or anything is allowed.  Members or nothing.

Driving around different areas of Puerto Rico,
 I can't help but notice how rundown the houses are.  
How rundown everything is, yet here we are.

Then of course the other side.  The island is
 definitely beautiful.  The people are warm, welcoming 
and always so very affectionate.  Puerto Ricans love 
people and they live live and are happy people. and the
 fact that there is a beach at every corner definitely
 makes it a little piece of a tropical paradise.

The beach above is called Tortuga Beach.  Located in the 
gem of Culebrita Island.  Yes, Puerto Rico.  Accessible 
only by water taxi or of course boat.  There are not 
many facilities, but it's what draws many to it.

  Arvid usually says to me, "I don't have an island 
feeling when we drive around."  That's because we are 
surrounded by mountains and lots of vegetation.

Then there is this.  White sand beaches and palm trees.
Definitely a tropical paradise with so much more.  We've
 been to Hawaii before and I would choose Puerto Rico 
over and over again.  More affordable and accessible.
  Definitely as beautiful if not more. People friendly.

Where we live we are fortunate to watch the sunrise everyday.
I see it everyday when walking.  I know when we leave one 
day I will miss it very much.  Home calls, at the same 
time I'm torn.  What will become of "my" kitties?

To all a good day.  Bright skies and beautiful sunshine right now.
  Can also change in the blink of an eye.  Island living at its best.

Home isn't a place, it's a feeling...