May 8, 2021

Beach Life ~ Saturday May 8th

 An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease...

If there is one thing Puerto Ricans enjoy it's 
the beach.  And I say this often because more
 and more as we continue to live and enjoy the
 island it brings back memories of childhood. 

 The beach was always our happy place.  For Puerto 
Ricans it is their happy place, then, now , always.
  Arvid and I go for walks or drive regularly by the 
beach and the one thing you will always see are 
families, couples enjoying some quiet time there. 

 Not always swimming, but always by the water.  
There is something about the water that just relaxes the 
soul and washes away one worries at least while there.
  I have always loved the ocean.  I don't always swim in it,
 but just being close to it, hearing the waves splash
 and seeing the blue waters is always very calming.  

One of the best things of living in the Bahamas 
was that our home was on the water.  I woke up and I
 went walking on the beach everyday.  Loved it.

  Before I met Arvid I lived in Hallandale, Florida. 
 My apartment was on the beach.  I also went walking
 and then swimming every morning and every afternoon. 

 It was a different time in my life, but the one thing that
 still holds true is that being by the beach had a soothing 
effect on my then very broken heart.  It still has the 
same  effect today.  It soothes, calms and inspires me. 

We dream in colors borrowed from the sea...