May 3, 2021

New Week ~

 A new week rolls in.  A week full of promise, potential, and 
endless possibilities.  A week for you to pursue your dreams...

It's not so easy these days with the mask for many.
 But I am sure amazed how the little ones have adapted 
to this new norm.  Not always easy, but they manage
 and not worse for wear.  Kids are adaptable.

This little one struggled for a little, but eventually she
 got it on and was happy as can be.  Better than me.

Not sure what to expect this week.  I know Arvid
 will be busier than ever.  Me not so sure what I will 
be doing.  Maybe a visit again to my sister and the
 gang is called for.  Always good times with them.

I never thought I would see Arvid waiting in line, 
in the rain to get into a restaurant.  Yesterday that was
 the case.  More and more Arvid is doing what I never
I would ever see he would do.  Change is never bad.

Wishing everyone a productive week ahead, and 
remember if we don't take risks we may never know
 how far we can go and what we are capable of.

New week.  Make sure you focus on the
 few things that matter and move forward...