May 14, 2021

Friday May 14th ~

 Whenever I am missing you, I also remember
how fortunate I was that you were in our lives.  I
 wouldn't trade those moments for the world...

Yesterday we walked on the beach.  So much to see and
 always very entertaining.  One girl was jumping rope 
like a maniac.  She had good coordination and style.  

When she took a break I told her so, and we chatted a 
little.  No clue who she was but our chat was interesting,
 and she said was OK to take the pictures.  She's a good rope
 jumper.  With a lot of style.  She made it seem so very easy.

The island also has a lot of chickens running around.  
Now all the mama chickens have babies.  Of course now
 I am going to start taking food for the mamas and their babies
 as well.  The homeless population of animals is sad.

The other day Arvid could not get the TV to work it 
was stuck.  Everyone who knows Arvid, knows he loves his
 TV time.  He tried everything, unplugging, hitting the 
TV, hitting the remote, but nothing worked 😂.

  Finally he checked the batteries and what do you know. 
 We just needed new batteries for the remote.  The night
 was saved.  I just watched waiting until he realized why 
the remote was not working.  Pretty entertaining because 
Arvid got all worked up. Then he was happy again 😂.

The day is sunny and of course warm.  The waves are
 splashing, the skies are blue.  Life is good and we are
 grateful for the time we have here in Puerto Rico.

The heart remembers most what it has loved best...