May 23, 2021

Today ~ Sunday May 23 ~

Some days are like this...

Where has my sunshine gone?  Not a great start of the day, 
but hopefully will be getting better as the day progresses.
This is looking out from the front towards my trail.

This is looking out from our balcony towards the sea and the marina. 

 Sundays I don't go walking, but I usually look out for little 
Fluffy.  Too much rain today so was not happening.  Fluffy 
has not been coming for food since Saturday afternoon.  Now 
he has missed three feedings.  Counting this mornings 4 😭

Sniff is not taking too much to this gloomy ☔
weather either.  He usually basks in the sunshine every
 morning behind the cortinas.  Not happening today.

Still raining.  Does not look like it's going away anytime soon. 
 In the meantime, I think I will cozy up with Sniff and enjoy
 my reading.  Sundays are relaxing days after all.  Actually 
everyday is a relaxing day.  I want a non relaxing day soon.

Each new day is better than the last...