May 27, 2021

Thursday May 27th ~

 And then they were gone.  Just like that...

Not many might understand this, for sure Arvid 
does not.  He is Arvid and as he said, "this is
 what will happen when they live in the wild."  

That I know, but what he does not understand is 
that I became attached to all the wild kitties I find
 on my path in the mornings.  Two have "disappeared" 

 The last time I saw Fluffy was Friday the 22nd in
 the morning.  He did not show up for his afternoon
 foodies and has not since.  Of course I'm worried.

Another kitty that always greets me in the morning
 is Leo.  Well Leo has not been around since Monday
 the 24th.  That's not usual.  I can't stop wondering 
what happened to them.  Fluffy loved his foodies
 and he loved waiting for me.  Now he's also gone.

I am not supposed to get attached to them.  I will NOT 
get attached to them.  Not tell that to my heart. I saw
 this today and it's true.  You can't teach your heart.  

Thursday already.  Guess it's time to get busy.

In one lifetime, you will love many times 
but one love will burn your soul forever...