May 19, 2021

Wednesday May 19th ~

 Life is just a struggle between the heart and the brain...

Arvid knows I want to go back home.  He says I am
 putting pressure on him.  I hope so 😊.  I also know it's not 
happening right away, but I do know it will one day in the
 future.  I'm hoping that Arvid will get bored eventually.

In the meantime we keep enjoying beautiful days in 
Puerto Rico.  To say I am a little (lot) bored would be an
 understatement.  I miss the freedom of taking off in my car 
going places on my own.  I love having some alone time.

I enjoy morning and now afternoon walks.  Now I 
get to feed the kitties two times a day.  Not sure this is to
 their advantage, but I feel they are always hungry.

  One day when we do leave, it will definitely break
😔 my heart.  I have come to care for each of them.  I 
know I can't save all the helpless kitties, but while 
we are here I will try to do the best I can for them.

After lots of research, phone calls and some, I have 
come to understand that it's not as if no one wants to
 help the homeless kitties.  It is that there are so many 
that there is no more room to house them.  💔💔

Shelters are full.  PetSmart is full, everyone is full,
 and from what I have learnt, these kitties may only
 live a few days before they are euthanized. 

 Bottom line is that they live in the wild, they are
 free and the ones in our area are fed two times a day. 
 I really can't picture any of them doing good in a cage.

Everyday I tell Sniff how fortunate he is.  He has a 
home, he's safe, loved and never hungry unless
 he chooses to be.  Sniff is my happy place.

The heart holds answers the brain refuses to see...