May 25, 2021

A Day In Our Lives ~

But what are you going to do about the people
 who are cursed with both hearts and brains... 

Our days pretty much follow these patterns.

Mornings I go for walks.  I love love my mornings.  
I see and feed the kitties, watch the sunrise, listen to the 
birds and just have a peaceful alone time.  I love it.  One
 of the many things I love about Puerto Rico.

There are wild dogs running around our complex.  
A lot of "wild" homeless animals everywhere 😢
 The kitties have been afraid to come for food. 
 They choose to be safe rather than to eat.

Recently there has been no other person out walking
 in the mornings.  I like it this way.  I like talking to people, 
but I think everyone enjoys their quiet time when out in 
the mornings.  My new friend, Stacey is soon moving
 into their new home.  Not far from where we live.

Sniff has been good with his foodies lately.  Now he has
 problem with the placement of his litter pan.  It's always 
been in the same place, but suddenly he goes to it and for 
some reason sniffs it and runs away like a bat outta hell. 
 Sniff gets his litter changed weekly.  So it's clean.

Puerto Ricans love their island and of course
 their flag.  From what I was told, ever since hurricane
 Maria the flag has been painted everywhere.  Makes 
them feel even more patriotic if possible 💓🤍💙

Yesterday Arvid and I decided to go to El Yunque National Forrest.
  Spur of the moment thing.  Like almost everything we do 😂  
Unfortunately, this time it did not work out that great.

  Because of Covid, one must now have appointments to 
get into the Rainforest.  You need a pass/ticket.  Of course
 being a spur of the moment thing we had no such thing.

When we were young growing up in Puerto Rico El Yunque 
was one of our favorite place to go to.  Always so green, and 
always so much colder there.  Loved it then and hope to one day
 rediscover it again with Arvid.  Arvid does not like mountains. 
 Says it reminds him of Norway.  I love the mountains.

Hello to all and a good day also.

Sometimes you gotta listen to your 
brain just to save your heart...