May 4, 2021

Tuesday May 4th ~

 If life were predictable it would cease
 to be life, and be without flavor...

I started calling her Bully because when we first came here 
last summer she would act as if she was the queen of the backyard,
 and if any other kitty showed up she (Bully) chased them away.  
Tiny little thing, but she sure hissed and screamed at everyone.

Today Bully no longer sits in the neighbors backyard.  Actually
 none of the kitties from last summer show up any longer in the
 neighbors backyard.  A few of them are no longer around.  I look
 all the time but have not seen some of the "backyard" kitties.

Today Bully is mom.  So far I have seen 3 babies.  
They are extremely skittish, but little by little they are also 
starting to show up regularly and wait for their foodies.  Bully 
has gotten a little "friendlier" with me, but don't ever get
 to close to her babies.  She goes in attack mode.

Bully will let her babies eat before she eats.  She's a very 
good and protective mama.  Just like all/most mama's are 
to their young.  I love watching them interact.  And now
 they have become regulars in the line for food.  

Not much happening today.  Trip to the pet store.  
Kitties sure eat a lot, and also Sniff needs his Sheba foodies.  
Sniff is of course acting up again.  Not eating much.  I am 
learning to "cope" better with his moods 😂😂😍

Difficult and meaningful will always bring 
more satisfaction than easy and meaningless...