May 20, 2021

Thursday May 20th ~

 The greatest distance in the world is just 14 inches from 
the mind to the heart...  It's most difficult to decide
 whether to go with the heart or the mind...

Thursday is looking pretty sunny and no sight of
 rain in the forecast.  Like it.  Suddenly my morning 
walks are getting to be a little more difficult.  I 
 now spend a lot of time making sure some 
of the kitties eat and are not bullied. 

 Marbles is super skinny and she gets a little
 extra of everything, yet she does not eat much.  
She prefers to follow me around. 

 When I first "met" Marbles she was not my 
favorite. Today I would adopt her so fast if only I
 could.  She's the friendliest and super loving.

Arvid and I did our beach walk as usual.  Beach walks
 are in the afternoons after the soccer games are over.  A good
 time because then it's not as hot.  Also I do an extra little
 walk before our beach walk to give food to the kitties a
 second time.  I feel good so I'm happy.

Yesterday we saw this boat sinking.  Two days before 
it was out sailing with happy people on board.  Surrounding 
the boat is seaweed.  There has been a lot of seaweed.  Going on
 for months now.  Makes for not always a beautiful sight.

Thursday is looking pretty good right now. 
 Sniff is doing great 😻, and so is Arvid and I.  
Life is what it is, and for that I'm thankful.

My mind replays what the heart can't delete...