May 1, 2021

Saturday ~May 1st ~ New Month Is Here

 You'll never understand until it happens to you...

Has anyone had any adverse reactions to the face mask?
  I ask because when we came to Puerto Rico I broke 
out for a few weeks with small pimples all around
 my face, everywhere where the mask touched.

  Also for the longest time I had a bruise around my 
nose, and under my eyes were black and blue for about
 two weeks.  I cannot explain it other than the use
 of the mask, or maybe that particular one I wore.

Soon it's time to go to Norway 😚 my concern is being
 in a mask for over 20 hours.  I don't do well with the mask.
  Arvid is much more comfortable with it.  For him it wouldn't
 be a problem, but I think for me it will.  Dilemma.

One way or the other Arvid definitely has to go to Norway.  
His mother has not seen him since the summer of 2019.  
Actually I have been learning that there are so many families 
who have not seen their parents since the pandemic began. 
 So sadly their are many families in the same boat 😥

Hopefully "this" will soon be over.  We now live in this
 new normal.  Hopefully the new normal does not mean masks
 forever.  On the good side, the US is starting to ease restrictions 
everywhere.  Everyone is gearing up for the summer of a lifetime.
  Trips and vacations are already being booked and planned 🌴.  
Life is hopefully getting back to those "better" days once again.

Saturday.  A little rain in our prognosis, but hopefully 
most of the day will be bright blue skies and sunshine.

As the new month begins, we all look forward to 
better things to come.  happy new month everyone. 
 Let's make it unforgettable, and remarkable.

Good things come to those who Believe,
Better things come to those who are patient, and 
the best Things come to those who Don't Give up...