Jul 16, 2021

Friday July 16th ~

Time spent with my sister (s) is the best time ever... 

Arvid has been telling me he's ready to come home, we 
are also looking forward to his coming home.  He's been gone
 a very long time and I know him 😂, there is no place like
 home.  In the meantime, he's enjoying time with family. 
 As he says it's not much longer until he's home. He said:
 come Wednesday I'm packing to come home 😍

I on the other hand am having a very good time.  
I have done more in the last few weeks than we I have 
done since living in Puerto Rico.  Together with Nirvana, 
Kimsy and now Nina we have been to so many hidden
 gems in the island.  Puerto Rico is just beautiful.

I am having the best time right now.  Sisters make life fun.

A little sister time is good for the soul...