Jul 23, 2021

Friday July 23rd ~

 A mistake that makes you humble is better 
than an achievement that makes you Arrogant...

Yesterday I brought ShyBoy home.  She was scared
 and took off like a bat outta hell.  Just as the others did.
  When I went to check on her around 5pm she was not there.  
Same as the others.  They hid all day after coming home.

Shy did come out for foodies this morning.  Not in her 
usual spot, but she came out and had a little mingling with 
the others.  Ate some foodies then ran off.  Hopefully this
 afternoon I will see her and give her some extra food.

Last night as soon as Arvid landed in the USA and 
was able to call me he did.  I heard it in his voice.  It
 was different.  It was alive and he was happy.  I had
 not heard that vibrancy in his voice since he left. 

The first thing he said was, "I am finally almost home." 
 Arvid was gone for too long, I know he went to see family,
 but even he said it was too long.  But now he's back and he 
sounds like the Arvid I know.  Vibrant.  His voice said it all.

Arvid did ask me a few times when he was in Norway
 to meet him in Fort Lauderdale.  I choose to not do so.

Friday.  Weekend begins.  Have to make a few
 plans for the day.  To all a happy day and a great 
start of your weekend.  Make it memorable.

You glow differently when you're actually happy...