Jul 11, 2021

Sunday Vibes ~

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content...
Both Sniff and I are already exhausted,
 and the day is not over yet 😍  It's a good day.

This morning it was a bit dark and rained quite 
heavily.  I was lucky because I was still able to feed 
the kitties and stay fairly dry.  All in all not so bad.

Yesterday I tried a new place that opened up not far from us.
  Breakfast, brunch and drinks.  There was a long wait, but 
definitely worth it.  This is not something Arvid would do, 
so I will have to go again before Arvid comes home 😍

Today I feel like having Mexican food.  Nachos,
 sangria and something called queso fundido (melted cheese) 
 To all a good day and may don't forget that every
 new day is a chance to change your life.

Happiness lives inside of the smallest moments...