Jul 28, 2021

Wednesday July 28th ~

 The older I get, the more I realize that
 it's ok to live a life other's don't understand...

Arvid is still tired after his Norway trip.  It's not like 
him to be this tired for so long.  He always bounces 
back faster, but this time it's taking a bit longer. 

 I know he was on the move 24-7, and though we live
 a life always on the go, this was different.  But soon he 
will be back to his usual self.  In all honesty, he still
 is not slowing down, but I see exhaustion in him.

Lucky for Arvid, Sniff is always by his side.  Faithful.

We have been having beautiful weather.  
Arvid keeps saying how much more pleasant it
 is here than it was back in Fort Lauderdale. 
 Less humidity and a always a breeze. 

We went for our walk as usual yesterday, and 
Beachboy (Tiger) the kitty I always take food for 
was no longer there.  I asked around and he has
 not been seen for almost two weeks.  I'm sad.

Here at home I do my usual walks in the mornings. 
 Feed the kitties but for the las two days Poo Poo and Milo
 have not been around.  Taina was also absent today.

 I love my Poo Poo and I hope he and Milo are OK. 
 Poo was all scratched up, could it be because another
 male cat has been showing up.  I call him Bandit.

Wednesday.  All is good here at home.  Arvid is 
making breakfast, Sniff is in his bed looking and I am 
enjoying my cafe.  Good morning and happy day to all.

Simplicity reduces stress...