Jul 2, 2021

Friday July 2nd ~

πŸ’“ Behind every strong person is 
a story that gave them no choice... 

πŸ’“I brought Poo Poo home yesterday.  Today I also 
will bring Spotify and Spitfire home.  Spitfire's babies
 have been showing up everyday for foodies, but
 they are still too little to be trapped.  Soon πŸ™

Not sure how it happened but one minute I 
was standing next thing you know I was slipping.
  I took a really bad fall yesterday.  Just a little
 water on the floor and down I went.

I was not sure I was going to be able to get up,
 obviously I did .  It hurts like crazy.  My right hand 
absorbed some of the brunt of the fall but the worse 
is on my right side.  All the way from my butt down.  

Sitting is not so easy especially if the chair is a 
little on the hard side. This time it really hurts 
but in a few days I should definitely be better πŸ˜…

Today there is more running around getting cats out 
from the vet and bringing them home.  Coming home is 
Spotify and Spitfire.  I am sure Spitfire's babies miss her.
  They have been fed everyday and are doing well.

Sniff and I are doing good.  We have gotten into our 
routines.  Sniff's hair is growing back, very happy about that. 
 Arvid said Sniff was stressed, happy that he isn't stressed any
 longer.  Looking forward to the weekend, since I have a few
 things to do that will keep me busy.  Not cat related this time 😍

To all a good day and a happy start of your weekend. 
 Life is good and I am always grateful 😘

Be grateful, not only for others, but for yourself...