Jul 29, 2021

Thursday July 29th ~

 Expect nothing and appreciate everything...

Stormy looking morning, yet there is
 beauty in the dark clouds rolling in.

With a tropical depression around, the winds are 
picking up and, a few stormy days means the seaweed is 
once again coming back.  Hopefully with the change
 of the wind, it will drift away into the sea.

Arvid still tired in the early evenings, 
but everyday it's getting much better.  

Today I bring Senior home. He will be very
 happy to be back in familiar territory. I am very
 excited to see him and to get him home soon.

Monday I hope to trap another kitty, I just don't know
 which one as yet.  Hoping for Milo, but it's not looking 
so good right now.  It's getting more difficult each day.

All is good here.  We are back into our routines 
and having a good time.  Arvid is getting there
 and Sniff is never far from him. All is good

To be content doesn't mean you don't 
desire more, it means you're thankful for what 
you have and patient for what's to come...