Jul 27, 2021

Tuesday July 27th ~

 It's a great feeling to have accomplished 
what I have, but I want to do more...

Yesterday I trapped Senior and I am very happy. 
 Thought he would be much more difficult.  Happy he
 wasn't.  It took a while before he actually walked into the 
trap, but at the end of the day, Senior was caught.

Even though Senior was not the target for yesterday,
 I am relieved he was caught because he was starting
 to be aggressive towards Rascal.  Rascal, Spotify, 
Mama and Senior all hang out in the same area.

Senior will be boarded for 3 days and I pick him up on 
Thursday and bring him home.  Then he will be happy again.

Arvid has been busy busy since getting back home. 
 He's smiling all the time and is happy.  Sniff is overjoyed 
to having his dada back.  Can't seem to leave him for too long. 
 And, yes I am also happy Arvid's home where he belongs.

Still very tired from his travels.  Arvid's been 
on the go for a month almost.  Glad he's home, 
and though he's still very busy it's different.

Not a day goes by that Brutus does not cross my mind.

Happy day to all.  Nature is pleased with simplicity. 

Happiness comes from the simple things...