Jul 25, 2021

Sunday July 25th ~

 The biggest adventure you can take
 is to live the life of your dreams...

To all a very good day.  Our home is complete once again.

It feels really good to have Arvid back home 😍.  
He was gone for too long.  Even he says it was too long, 
but now he's back.  Hopefully he will not have to be gone 
this long again without me.  2020 entering into 2021 has not 
been a typical year.  Hopefully life gets better for all of us.

Good morning world.  I've been very fortunate to 
have good people in my life, and when you find good
 people, you gotta hold onto them real tight.

Arvid brought back many goodies from Norway, but
 the one I will cherish the most is a drawing  Aleah
 made for me.  I will be smiling for a long time.
  When she grows up I will show it to her.

Sniff was and still is so excited he just can't
 seem to have enough of Arvid and all the
 goodies that came from Norway 😍

Life is not so much what you 
accomplish as what you overcome...