Jul 24, 2021

Saturday July 24th ~

 Happiness is not out there, it's in you...

I woke up early as usual ready to go walking and to
 feed the kitties, unfortunately it was raining cats and 
dogs.  I was hoping it would ease off in a few minutes.
  Almost a half hour after, it was almost done ☔.

That was good enough for me.  I got my bag ready.  Yes,
 I carry a very heavy bag.  Loaded with cat food, water and
 treats for the kitties.  Seems like the bag gets heavier by the
 day.  My sister picked it up when she was here and said, 
"you don't need to lift weights, this bag is weight enough."

I made it out.  As usual Mama was waiting for me by 
the front door.  She was wet, but otherwise good.
  Spotify, Rascal and Senior were not there 😒. 
 Guessing they don't like the rain much.

A little further down was ShyGirl, yeah she's no 
more ShyBoy.  She was waiting for me by the car. 
 This is her usual routine in the mornings.  Happy
 she's back to being comfortable with me again.

The rain eased off.  I was able to go and do my walk,
 but it's now a downpour all over again.  Sniff is a little 
scared so he's snuggling up to me even more.  Love it.

I will have to get back into the routine of cooking almost
 everyday 😏, while it lasted it was good (my alone time). 
 I have had a very good and relaxing month, but our 
schedule is already filling up.  That's OK too 😍.

And so my days of eating out on my own are soon done 😍.
Yesterday I treated myself to another really good meal, and 
another very good sangria.  I may have had too much 
sangria and frozen drinks while Arvid was awayπŸ˜‚

My morning laugh.  It's not funny, 
but really.  How much more?

To all a very good day.  The rain continues to fall here.
  I'm smiling because I remember falling in love with Arvid.  
I loved his voice from day one.  The last month I did not hear
 that voice I so loved, but it's back and I love love it.

Your voice is my favorite sound.  When I talk 
to you I fall in love over and over again...