Jul 12, 2021

Monday July 12th ~

 Never allow waiting to become a habit.  Live your 
dreams and take risks.  Life is happening now...

Monday again.  The days sure are going by fast.  Today
 I go to the dentist.  It was not easy getting an appointment. 
 I have waited almost two months for this day.  I don't 
like dentists, but I go to the dentist frequently.

Today I meet my sister and Kimsy.  J is back in Miami.
His visit here was short, but as always very good.

Had my walk, fed the kitties, Sniff is happy
 and content.  Yes, the week is looking up already 
and it promises to be another good one.

To all a happy week and make it a great one.  No luck 
trapping any kitty today, but there is always tomorrow.

No matter what yesterday was, birds 
always start the new day with a song...