Jul 17, 2021

Saturday July 17th ~

 The best things in life are the people you love. 
The places you've seen, and the memories
 you've made along the way...

Talking to Arvid I can hear how exhausted he is 
😍, on the other hand that's always how it is when
 you go on "vacation"  You're tired and you need a 
vacation from your vacation.  He says it's time to 
come home and that it's not the same without me.  

Today he bids farewell to the little ones, Michelle
 and Emil. I know that will be very sad.  It  is 
always very sad  😒to say goodbye no matter
 how much one wants to come home.  Sad

He keeps telling me how ready he is to come
 home, at the same time he said he has spent a lot of
 time with his mom.  That was one of the main reasons,
 and he did what he said he was going to do.  Spend lots 
of time taking her out of the apartment a little each day.

I'm happy he is spending time with everyone.  
I am also glad to have my time alone.  I like visiting
 everyone in Norway, but for me it's always too long
 the stay.  I really enjoy everyone's company a lot, 
but after a week I am always ready to go home. 
 For me there is no place like home.  

I do miss the little ones a lot.  Their hugs, their love,
and their laughter.   For them I will always stay longer.  
I also very much enjoy the company of Victoria and
 Michael, Michelle and Emil.  Always good times.

I am having a really relaxing and fun time
 here in Puerto Rico.  I am amazed at the beauty
 I have seen in the las few weeks.  places Arvid and
 I would probably never have gone to.  So happy.

Wishing everyone a great day.  Today has already been 
pretty hectic and the day is still not over as yet 😍

Live for moments you can't put into words...