Jul 20, 2021

Tuesday July 20th ~

 Doing what you like is freedom. 
Liking what you do is happiness...

Arvid without knowing it sometimes can be really funny.
 He said to me, "the marathon is almost over.  I am soon 
home."  I am still cracking up.  Said he is exhausted, on
 the other hand when is a "vacation" not exhausting.

On the other hand, he has spent a lot of time with
 his mom and everyone else.  So a little tiredness is OK 
when you look at the big picture.  He will have more
 than enough time to rest up when home πŸ’œ

Here in Puerto Rico life is relaxing.  I run around 
when I want to and the rest of the time I take it easy. 
 I like being busy, but busy doing fun stuff.  I am enjoying 
time with my sister and seeing and doing things I know 
when Arvid gets back will not be exactly the same.

Yesterday I trapped ShyBoy.  Was not easy.  I have tried 
trapping him now for weeks, finally after an hour or so
 he walked all the way into the trap.  He was only
 going in and backing out.  ShyBoy turns out to be
 a girl, and a very pregnant one at that.

Nina, Nirvana, Kimsy and I enjoyed ourselves very
 much, at the same time I had time alone with Nina.
 Let's just say we tried a little of everything 🍹

Another beautiful, but very hot day awaits us.
  Sniff is still in sleepy land.  To all a wonderful day,
 and remember to do things that make you happy.

Life is a journey, and if you fall in love
 with the journey, you will be in love forever...