Oct 20, 2022

20th October πŸ’ž And The Countdown Begins ~

Cherish your excitement while you have it...

So much has happened since moving to Florida, and I'm not only 
referring to hurricane Ian.  With all the commotion we have not had 
much time to think of Danielle's upcoming nuptials, but now things
 are falling into place and I can spend a little time daydreaming.

The wedding will be in Pennsylvania.  Danielle and Andrew 
plan on having it on a scenic rooftop bar/restaurant offering
 wine, craft beer, cocktails and rotating chefs.  I was told by
 Danielle that the sunsets are spectacular.  Can't wait.

October this year is much colder than it was last year.  Hopefully 
they will not have to go to backup plan B.  It will definitely not be 
the same. Cold or no cold I am looking forward to the rooftop.

Life continues.  People are still struggling due to Hurricane Ian.
  For so many life has changed drastically for the worse,
 at the same time for many others it's a new beautiful
 beginning, and there is nothing wrong with that. πŸ’ž

To all a good day.  The countdown has begun.  Leaving
 you with yesterday's sunset from our balcony.

The beginning is the most important part of the work...