Oct 27, 2022

πŸ’ž About The Wedding ~

 Loving times together make memories that last forever...

We had a great time celebrating my niece and Andrews wedding.
 It was an amazing setting, but even better was the great time
 we all had.  If anything, Arvid was the sensation that evening.  

He surprised everyone with his dancing skills.  I had to 
pause and film him because I an not sure I will ever see him this
 way again.  I never have seen him so relaxed and having such a
 great time at a party with a lot of people, and breaking loose 
on the dance floor.  Not even at Michelle’s wedding.  

 Everyone was happy and it will be a time we will never forget.
 The photos and the videos tell the story.  The best part was that 
everyone, meaning my family all took pictures with Arvid. He was 
a sensation.  I have many pictures of Arvid and Danielle together 
at the wedding and of him and my family.  It was just a beautiful 
time.  Never at any other wedding did we have such a great time.  

The view was spectacular, and more so as sunset approached
 and then when the skyline lit up with all of the lights, it was
 just breathtaking.  The weather was absolutely perfect.
  No one was cold because everyone was busy dancing.

It was not a traditional wedding. Just Danielle’s mom and dad 
made a little speech.  There was no cutting of a cake.  There was
 no traditional cake.  Danielle wanted none of that.  Cake was 
served but already sliced.  I will forever remember this time.

After the wedding there was an after party.  Started in Rima and 
George’s room but then we moved to Nina and David’s room.
 Much bigger and there was a plenty of liquor to go around.

Once again Arvid was in his element. Grooving to the
 music.  Arvid has his 50 favorite songs on Spotify and one of the 
people it's shared with is Gabsy.  J wants it also 😘  We started
 listening and jamming to that and them moved on to Gabsy's 
playlist.  Another evening we didn’t want to end.

After many hours I was ready to call it quits, but Arvid
 was just starting. He wanted to keep the party going.  This
 was Saturday evening after the wedding.  We also had a 
before the wedding party on Friday night in Nina’s room with 
food, drinks and good company, both our family and David’s.

Once again Arvid was having such a good time he did
 not want to call it a night.  I guess I was ready, seeing
 that the night before I did not sleep a wink. Friday 
and Saturday will forever be special.

Sunday, now that’s a different story. Andrew's mom took
 everyone to dinner.  Some 60 of us.  That was  challenging to 
say the least, but once the food starting coming it never stopped. 
 We could have skipped Sunday and gotten back home earlier, but
 we had more time to spend with everyone, so all was good.

Monday was a totally wasted day.  Everyone left early. 
 Arvid and I had the late flight and an entire day to “kill.” We 
checked out the city a little.  We went to Love Park, Logan Square, 
The Rocky Steps, Liberty Bell and walked around the city.

Even so, we still had hours before our flight.  By then
 I was tired.  Eventually of course we made it home.  I loved 
seeing my entire family in Philadelphia. It is rare that all five of us,
 our parents and all the nephews and nieces are at the same 
place at the same time. Aside from Sachin, we were all
 together.  Thanks to Danielle and Andrew.

Now back to reality.  I have a lot going on right now. 
 We have a lot to do also.  The furniture arrived right before
 we left and now we are opening the boxes and Arvid
 assembling.  It's already starting to look like home.  

Good to be home.  Sniff follows is everywhere and does 
not want to be out of our sight.  Love my Sniff 😍

Family a little bit of crazy, a little bit of loud and a 
whole lot of love.  No amount of money or success can
 take the place of time spent with your family...