Oct 4, 2022

October 4th ~ πŸ’ž

 With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts...

Four days into October.  Back home in Ft. Myers we still 
have no power.  The elevators are still being drained.  The 
water levels rose three feet in the first floor parking garage.  
Unfortunately many cars now need to be towed away.

Sniff 's first night was amazingly good.  He slept on the bed with us
 and never for one minute cried out as if he were lost or disoriented. 
 Our little Sniff adjust to this crazy life we sometimes have 😏

Arvid, Sniff and I are just waiting to go back home to Ft. Myers.
  It's strange how in just a few days we now think of it being
 home and not Fort Lauderdale.  Weird.  I do miss my wildlife 
friends in Branson very much, but right now with all going
 here, there is more than enough to keep us occupied. 

 Good morning and a good day to all.  Another 
day with the possibility of going home.

I’m glad tomorrow’s a new day ’cause I really messed this one up...