Oct 10, 2022

Monday October 10th ~ πŸ’ž

 A new week rolls in.  A week full of promise,
 potential and endless possibilities...

Monday.  New week and new challenges to face.  Right now
 the challenges are piling up, but with every new day we see
 things with a different perspective and with hopefully a
 more positive outlook.  Many things to take care of. 

Hopefully this week will give us answers to many questions 
and we will be able to finally begin to live a little more in a 
civilized way.  So far we have almost no furniture and we sleep 
on a mattress on the floor.  Arvid and I went looking for furniture,
 believe it or not there is a long waiting period for everything.

We were hoping to get the floors tiled, but Ian happened. 
 This has been pushed back and so far we have no date as to 
when it can get started.  I'm sure we will be pushed back as well.
None of this is critical.  Compared to others, we are good.

To all a very good day and a good week ahead.
The day is a little dark, but the sun will make its presence soon.

πŸ’•Life isn't always perfect.  Life isn't always easy.
Life doesn't always make sense, but that's the beauty of life...