Oct 3, 2022

Monday October 3rd ~ 💞

 You cannot forever escape from the storm;
you must learn to stand up to it...

I am online for the next few days in Fort Lauderdale.
  Arvid, Sniff and I took off from Ft. Myers because we were
 told that the power may not return to our area for days.  We hope
 this is a mistake, but in the meantime we came to a hotel to get
 away from the boredom and not being able to do anything.

This is what devastation looks like, and this is what millions
 are living with everyday for the last few days.  No end in sight.  
Many have no power nor water.  At least we have water.

It is always heart warming to see how people always come 
together in time of need to help each other.  With what little 
everyone has right now, there is no end to human kindness.

As the waters raged this man saw a little kitty being 
taken away with the surge.  Many will say it's dumb/stupid,
 but the man choose to take the risk and save the little kitty
 from drowning.  I'm happy he choose to do so.

Sniff's first time ever evacuating to a hotel and he has 
already adjusted really well.  He has checked out the room
 and know where all his favorite things are.  His very  most
 favorite being Arvid.  Let's see how his first night goes.

To all a good day.  With each new day we hope power returns.

Certainty is the calm before the storm...