Oct 6, 2022

October 6th ~ πŸ’ž

 Life is like a book Some chapters are sad some happy 
and some exciting.  But if you never turn the page, you
 will never know what the next chapter holds...

It's been very good to be in a place where we have power.
  AC works, internet works and best of all Arvid has his TV 
shows to watch.  Yes, we are very fortunate right now.  

Watching the news, it's devastating to see what so many 
people face right now.  Some have lost everything, and 
even so they remain optimistic that all will be OK.

Arvid and I have been checking our Fort Lauderdale. 
 It's so beautiful and the question we ask ourselves, 
"Did we do the right thing?"  Time will tell.  I really
 can't think of moving again.  Not right now.

Waiting is not our strong point, but then I think of all the 
people who just lost everything and I remind myself of all the
 things to be grateful for.  My heart s definitely hurting.  I don't 
know who they are personally, but their despair is something
 I can relate to.  I just see their pain, and I feel it.  The 
images keep replaying over and over in my head.

Having Sniff in a hotel room has not been the worse. 
 He is such a good boy.  I love him to pieces and leaving him
 even if it's only for a few hours is definitely not to my liking.
  Being in a strange place he needs to see us constantly to
 be reassured that all s good.  That we always do.

Wishing everyone a very good day.  Be thankful always
 for the little things in life for what we take for
 granted someone else is praying for.

My life is not perfect but I am thankful 
for everything I have.  Being thankful reminds
 us that if it's broken it's an opportunity...