Oct 31, 2022

Halloween 2022, Monday October 31st ~ šŸ’•

Please park all brooms at the door...

Breast Cancer is a journey I never planned or asked for. But I 
choose to love life, hate the disease and  fight.  The only way.

Halloween is a great time to be creepily creative!  What do 
you plan on doing today?  Who do you plan on "scaring"

Halloween was so much fun when we were little.  We 
would go out trick or treating with my mom and/or our dad.
  The always said, "you can't be too careful."  The tradition
 continued with my nieces, nephews and granddaughters.

Even though Halloween has become more  commercialized, 
it is still a time kids look forward to.  Unfortunately in the society
 we now live in, it's also become quite dangerous for kids.  
Too many weirdos/sickos out there with bad intentions.

Today in Norway our youngest granddaughter, Amelia
 turns one year old.  I have not seen her nor held her as yet šŸ˜­ 
Looking so very forward to doing so this summer šŸŽƒ

Last year we were in Puerto Rico.  Early in the mornings I
 would be out feeding my 14 kitties. I think of them quite often.  
I also miss my wildlife friends in Branson.  There is a lot of things I
 miss both in PR and Branson.  Arvid said to me the other day, "maybe 
we need to take a trip back to Branson and have some good food."  

The good thing about being in Florida is that when we
 leave to go back to Branson there is absolutely nothing I really
will miss.  We have never grown attached to anything here. 

 It is beautiful, but it is also beautiful in every place we 
have been.  Beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder.
Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.

Life suddenly got a little more complicated for me, but I 
did it before and I will do it again.  I am after all, my mother's 
daughter, and she is the strongest woman I know.  Her five šŸ’ž
 girls took after her and my dad.  Nothing will keep us down.

Even in a world with much sadness, 
at its essence, life is beautiful.