Oct 17, 2022

Monday October 17th~ πŸ’ž

Maybe this day/Monday is not one of your favorites. 
But never forget that every day you wake up is an 
amazing gift and it’s up to you to make it count...

For the last week Sniff and I have been mostly living in the
 second bedroom.  Sniff has to be locked up so that he does not 
get in the way of the tile guys, and I stay in unless I have errands
 to do.  It's been pretty OK, but for some reason Sniff hates it.

Arvid is always with the guys helping them. 
 I cleanup after they are done for the day.  Too many 
of us is just confusion and that does not work.

At the end of the day he's really tired, and the one 
thing he does enjoy is his TV time.  The week is going 
to be a good one.  The tiles will be done, we will be
 able to clean up and get organized once and for all.

Arvid and I "discovered" a cool spot walking distance 
from us.  It's a rooftop bar, what's amazing are the views. 
 Spectacular.  Arvid sat and he said to me, "I think we
 made the right decision moving here to Ft. Myers."

Good morning everyone.  Today we switch bedrooms.  
Sniff and I are now upgraded to the master bedroom while the 
second one is being tiled.  Happy to be in a "clean" space.

Life offers you many doors, it's up to you
 which one to open and which one to close...