Oct 22, 2022

Wedding Bells Are Ringing ~πŸ’ž #october222022

 Be confident and humble at the same time...

Danielle, my eldest niece and the eldest granddaughter in 
our family is getting married.   This wedding was in the making
 for almost two years.  Neither Arvid nor I can believe that our
 little Danielle or Melvin as Arvid calls her (inside joke) is
 the first of our nieces and nephews to tie the knot.

She's this free spirited girl and marriage was something 
that was not foremost in her mind.  Well imagine our surprise.
  Being Danielle she took it all in stride, yet even she was surprised 
when in DC at a gathering with friends, Andrew fell on his 
knees and "popped" the question a little over a year ago.

Like all brides, the process was more a process for Danielle's
 mom, my sister Nina.  She like most parents wants everything to 
be just right.  Well she didn't count on Danielle having her very own 
specific requirements.  Danielle after all is a unique woman with ideas
 and opinions that can not be easily changed.  If can be changed.

To Danielle and Andrew, a whole new world with new experiences 
await you both.  I know you are up for anything Danielle. 
 Just know you are loved and you will always have the
 love and support of all your family.  Always.

Today is the day we have all been waiting for.  Soon
 wedding bells will be ringing.. It’s soon official! Here are 
the next Mr and Mrs. #weddingbells.  #danielleandandrew

You marry the girl, you marry her family...