Oct 19, 2022

Wednesday October 19th ~💞

Danielle, you're my person forever... 

In just a few more days we will be going to a wedding.
  My eldest niece is getting married.  Little Danielle
 is going to be Andrew's wife in less than a week.

Mid week and we have been working non stop.  We really 
need this wedding just so that we can get away from all the work 
we've been doing.  Arvid has worked non-stop with the tile guys.  The
 only thing he didn't do was the actual tiling, everything else he did.
At the end of the day everyone is tired, and TV sure soothes.

Sniff of course has not been happy throughout this entire process.
  He's locked in the bedroom from 8:00an to 5:00pm.  He cries,
 he screams and as soon as the door opens he either escapes into
 the living room or tries to.  If I am in the room with him 
he's calm and tries to sleep, otherwise he just cries.

Now that the tile work is almost done, it's cleanup time. 
 Slowly but surely it's starting to look like home.

To all a good day.  Time to get busy.  My part is to scrub
 each tile to get the extra grout and glue off.  My knees
 will soon need to be replaced if not the entire me 😂

Work harder than you think you did yesterday...