Oct 26, 2022

Rest Day = Day Off ~πŸ’ž

  Almost everything will work again if you 
unplug it for a few minutes…Including you...

Out of the office.  Will be back tomorrow πŸ˜‚It is very
 important to recharge our batteries to uplift our spirits and
 refresh our perspectives towards life. It is often said that the
 best way to recharge yourself is to unplug yourself from the 
daily duties for sometime.  It's what I plan to do today.

I am really tired from the weekend, and I feel run down, 
with the cough and just not feeling so great.  Tomorrow will
 be better.  Just a little rest, and I will be back to being me.

To all a good day and "see" you tomorrow. 
Taking a break helps you understand yourself
 better and recharges your drained battery.

Tomorrow is a new day.  Today is a "rest" day always 
welcoming after all that has been going on in our lives. 

A lot going on today so wishing everyone a good day.  Sniff is 
happy, we are happy.  Back to "normal" and for us normal is busy.

Another wedding picture.  The lady is fuchsia is the mother
 of the bride, and my sister Naleena.  She looked amazing.

Give yourself permission to unplug and regroup, 
without feeling guilty ❤ . You can’t be there for
others if you don’t take care of yourself first...