Jul 13, 2010


You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

My niece Danielle is here with us and has been here for a week already.  She is  leaving tomorrow and I am already missing her.  What a wonderful person to have around us.

She is out spoken... some what like me....never afraid to say to either Arvid nor I what she wants and what she's thinking.  We have had some hilarious moments with her.

Our last night with her and Arvid has her hooked on some TV shows already.....

Danielle is my eldest niece. At only 15 she has already applied for over 10 summer jobs, does part time pet sitting and has always maintained a 4.0 average in school.

On top of that she is in the advanced program at her school and in between classes she finds time to tutor math and reading.....and does volunteer work at a a nursing home...she's only 15 and one of the most positive persons I know...I LOVE YOU MISSY!!

Aunts and Uncles have an opportunity to relate to their niece in a way that her parents can't. Since she is not in their care, they do not feel the weighty responsibility of knowing that they are responsible for her upbringing. This leads to a different kind of relationship in which they can relate to their niece by appreciating her unique talents and gifts that make her so special. They can spend time spoiling her and treating her like the princess she is.

until next time...