Jul 18, 2010

How much would you pay for the best water on earth?

Common sense ain't common.....

Saw this article about expensive bottled water and could not resist sharing it.  Just goes to show that there are all kinds of "crazies" out there....are you one of them?

Cloud Juice  $11.36
Why so much? They say it's 9,750 drops of rain drops. Cheesy but could it be true? Either way, this rain water hasn't hit ground and the company claims that it is the cleanest rain water in the world, collected in King Island, Australia.

Berg  $11.67

Why so much? Ancient Canadian iceberg water. Canada, by the way, claims the second-best water in the world.

10 Thousand BC  12.50
Why so much? Apparently it takes a glass-lined ocean barge three days to arrive at the source of this water along the Coastal Glacier Mountain Range 200 miles north of Vancouver.

Finé  $20

Why so much? Japan ranks as another top habitat for water. This bottle comes from an aquifer found by the family-owned company that they believe perfectly represents the healing mineral water of Japan.


What are you honestly thinking right now?
Frankly, kinda curious to taste them.
I'm thinking, this can't be environmentally ok.

I am a simple girl and for me nothing beats my good old....

Common sense is as rare as genius, - is the basis of genius”

until next time...