Apr 9, 2015

Back Home...

What I love most about home is who lives here...

Strange as it may seem, I miss the cold weather.  Vermont was cold, but not an uncomfortable
cold.  I enjoyed the fresh clean air for a few days and sadly I must admit to missing it.
Came back home and it was nice and warm.  Then it was hot.  I slept so good
at my sisters.  For those few days no AC.  Just cool clean air.

Yesterday was a long day.  I woke up started cleaning, doing laundry and
before you knew it, it was already 5pm.  I was tired, but there was still lots to do.

That's just the first 3 of 5 loads of laundry I did yesterday.  Today still have 
more to do.  Brutus has many beds and it makes for many loads. He likes it clean as well.

Arvid is very happy he does not have to eat out anymore.  When I'm not home he
says he does not like to eat at home.  He needs to go out  little.  Fine with me.

Just more cleaning today and catching up on some work.  Quickbooks needs a little 
updating and paperwork for customers.  Not too bad a day actually.  Lots of Brutus time.

Hope your week has been a good one so far.  I have had a great time with
family, but now it's time to get back to the "real" world.   
To all a good Thursday.  Good to be home.

Home is not a place.  It is a feeling...