Apr 18, 2015

Road Trip....

Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn't mean to take...

As my T-Shirt says, "we're on the road again."  Both Arvid and I love road trips.
As usual so much to see, so much to do.  While Arvid drives I take pictures, 
when I drive he listens to the Blues on Sirius radio.  Both happy.

Arvid and his famous peace sign.  Says his dad always did the same.
It is now his trademark and when he forgets to do it, I remind him.  Makes him and I happy.

No matter what time of the day our road trip begins, there is always a picture
 waiting to be taken, and as you guessed, I'm always there.

To all a happy weekend.  Remember in life it is not always about where
you are going, but about having the best time doing whatever it is you're doing.

It's a road trip! It's about adventure! ..  It's not like we have somewhere to go...