Apr 7, 2015

Time To Say Goodbye...

There is never a right time to say goodbye...

As always saying goodbye is not easy.  I have had a very good time with family.  I have been 
very fortunate to see Mala and family, my parents and my nephew J, but now it's time 
to leave and to return back to my home.  Back to Arvid and Brutus.

The days here in Vermont were filled with lots of fun, laughter and bonding with everyone. 
In it we managed to go see Sachin play soccer.  My mom, Mala and I went out for breakfast,
 and had a very good time just talking and catching up with each others lives.

We had time to all go to the kids' favorite burger place.  Five Guys.  Darn good burgers. 
I enjoyed playing with Jaxen and chasing him around in the snow.  He is a good 
doggie.  I enjoyed every moment spent with each and everyone.  As
 always good memories that will be with me forever.

The days went by too fast.  Vermont is much colder than Florida, but I really enjoyed the
 cold weather and welcomed the change very much.  Not looking forward to the Florida heat, but it
 is home and home is always where I want to be.  Home is where Arvid and Brutus are.

Sad to be leaving my sister and family, but at the same time looking
 forward to going home to Arvid and Brutus.

Mala and my mom.  Missing them already.

Is it possible for home to be a person and not a place?
A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it...