Apr 27, 2015

Monday's Review...

There is no love more sincere than the love of food...

Restaurant wise we have been busy this past week.  On a usual week we just tend to eat out on
Sundays, not counting maybe a fast food joint.  This past week however we sampled from a 
few different places.  Yes, it was a very delicious time.  Lots of good food everywhere.

Early in the week Liliana and I visited one of our favorite hangouts.  La Bamba, a Mexican
and Spanish restaurant located not far from either of us.  Makes for the ideal meeting place.

We both like it there and one of the best features are their chips and salsa we get as soon as we
 are seated.  Complimentary of course and with spicy salsa and mild.  I love them  both. The
food is inexpensive and very good.  Both her and I try to sample a little something
 different every time.  Yummy Margaritas and the best cafe con leche you can have.

Another place we visited was Bokampers.  I took Arvid here for a little birthday toast.
Bokampers is a busy place.  Beautiful views of the Intracoastal and amazing sunsets, but
if you are like us and prefer to dine in a quiet surrounding then this place can be way to noisy
 at times.  Especially on a Friday night.  They do have some really good chicken wings,
 delicious mango coladas and yummy desserts.  For now we will wait a while until we go again.

Anytime we are in for noise, we head out to Bokampers.  Interesting fact, TVs galore. If you need
 a bar with lots and lots of TV screens, this is definitely the place to be.  More than 160 of them
 line the enormous property. Bokamper's is so serious about its TVs that every 
urinal is equipped with a small, dedicated television. 

Though not the right setting for Arvid and I, the atmosphere is upbeat and social
Would recommend you trying it if you are in the area.  Valet parking $5.00.

On Saturday we met my girlfriend and her husband at Aruba Beach Cafe.  Beautiful location,
but again not necessarily the place of choice for Arvid and I.  As usual Aruba was over-crowded.
Made it impossible to have a conversation, On the other hand it was bursting with life.

Truth being told is that if Arvid and I go there it will not be the place for uus, but if I 
were to go there on my own with a friend, I would definitely enjoy the ambiance and the crowd.

Every now and again I I love being in big crowds and seeing the interaction among the people.
The food was OK, but my favorite at Aruba is their frozen drinks.  Good Pina Coladas
 and good Mango Coladas.  Enjoyed a few with my friend.

As for our Sunday outing, we decided to go to J Alexander.  It was an extremely hot day and it
 did not seem right to sit outdoors, even though we do enjoy the water views as we have our meal. 
 J Alexander has an excellent menu.  Every time we have eaten there we always leave satisfied.

So far we have not have a bad meal and we have been there many, many times.
Their baked potato is delicious, the Alex salad with the honey mustard dressing is definitely 
a favorite.  Arvid favors the gin and tonic and, the pork chops with a bang-bang sauce.

Monday morning already.  Not sure what the week holds as yet, but I do know that 
whatever comes we will be ready. Yesterday was a heat record breaker.
This week also promises to be another very hot one!  Yikes

Good morning everyone.  Let's make this a good day for us.

Monday is a fresh start. 
 It's never too late to dig in and begin a new journey of success...