Feb 16, 2017

Already Thursday...

Happiness will never fail to come to those who fail to appreciate
 what they already have.  Remember, gratitude affects attitude...

I have a weakness for everything I probably should stay away from, but I was never
 one to listen to "reason."  I am more one to do as I wish, say what I want and move on.

Too bad the extra pounds don't move on as well.  Oh well no regrets.  Yesterday was 
just the perfect day to indulge.  Was wet and cold outside.  Warm and cozy indoors.

Still not used to this weather.  Just Monday it was warm.  Tuesday was cold as hell 
and rain all the time.  Every time I think winter is over it comes back with a vengeance.
 Definitely not my favorite time of the year, and this is only the first winter
 I have had in over 20 years.  Helped with a good meal as well.

Now I think I am really coming down with the flu.  Sore throat and body aches.
Yesterday I was very exhausted.  Guess that's what happens when you're not feeling
so great.  Sniff is never far from me.  At nights he sleeps so close to me that
 even if I wanted to get up I don't.  You see I don't want to disrupt his sleep.

The last few days I have been missing Florida a little.  I miss my mornings
 on the balcony.  I miss the sunrises.  I miss the swaying of the palm trees and
the sight of boats passing by.  I miss the place that was home to
Brutus and us for so many years.  Today I'm doing better.

Good morning everyone.
Rise and shine for a beautiful day awaits us all.

And my thoughts drift to home and you.
Think positive and positive things will happen...