Feb 3, 2017

One Day At A Time...

A strong person is the one who knows how to be quiet, 
shed a tear for a moment, and then picks up their gloves and fights again...

 My day was cold. Just very cold. Went out a little to do a few errands
 and by the time I got home I was frozen. My hands were numb and my 
ears had frostbite. At least that's how it felt to me.  No warm from my Starbucks cafe
 was enough to really warm me up at least not then.  Hot chocolate in the evening did the trick.

Today is not expected to be any better.  Two days ago it was sunny and "warm".
 Boy did that change fast.  Good thing for magazines.  For a little they keep one occupied.

Our Sniff is doing really good. I sometimes have to stop and remind myself 
that though Sniff is not Brutus, is is an adorable little kitty who loves us and
 just wants to be loved in return.  We love him.  He gets lots of play time. 

Lots of brushing and lots of chasing the laser light.  In between he bird watches and
 sleeps. His life is pretty entertained.  Sniff is a good kitty and I'm so happy he's ours.

Soon it will be a year since we've had Sniff. Means Shadow has also been dead 
for a year and our Brutus a year and 4 months.Yesterday was also 5 months since my 
sisters doggie Jaxen died.  Sachin and all of them were sad.  Just like I miss our 
Brutus, they miss their golden boy Jax.  Breaks my heart to know that
 my sister and family are hurting as well.  Knowing Sachin and Reshma
 are sad is just too much for me.  Their sadness tears me apart.

Time flies.  So much had happened, but the one thing that has not nor will ever 
change is how much I miss our Brutus.  Shadow was with is for such a 
short time, even so he did leave his paw prints in our hearts.

I miss my little kitties very much.  My Brutus took my heart.  Sniff is now the one
 we share our lives with and the one who keeps us on our toes every day.  
We do love him very much.  He has inserted himself into our hearts 
and has made our lives and for that we are grateful everyday.  

To all a very good day.  Always remember to appreciate what yo have, for you

 never know what tomorrow holds.  I have learnt that more than once. 
 For me everyday is a promise of better things to come.  And I remind
 myself to never take anything nor anyone for granted.

It will be the little things that you will remember.  The quiet moments,
 the smiles, the laughter.It will be the memories of these little things 
that helps to push away the pain, and bring the smiles back again...