Feb 6, 2017

Monday All Over Again...

New Monday.  New week.  New goals.
Monday, the perfect day to correct last weeks mistakes...

As usual Sniff Sniff and I are awake early as Arvid sleeps.  I fed him his soft 
foodies and automatically he runs into my office aka his room and starts "talking" 
like crazy.  He's letting me know that it's time for his brushing.  Just like Brutus,
 Sniff loves being brushed and he sure will let you know.  Sniff is a talker.

He loves being brushed so much that I bought him his own brush.  Now he 
can brush himself anytime he likes.  He just got it so for now he does not know
 exactly what to do with it.  Of course after sniffing it, he started to chew on it.

  He did manage to get a few brushings in.  I'm sure he will learn how to 
do it.  If not between Arvid and I he sure will.  Arvid goes on his knees 
just like he did with Brutus and Shadow in order to "train" him.

Last week was very cold.  Today it is predicted to be one of those "warmer" days.  
The weather in Branson is very strange.  Sorta getting used to it's erratic behaviour.  It's 
very strange that neither Arvid nor I have gotten the cold/flu as yet.  Just happy about it.
  I feel it coming, I get the symptoms, but for some reason (and I'm happy)
 it dies away in a couple of days without developing into "the flu."

Time is flying by, or at least so it seems to me.  It's already February.  Our Brutus
 has been dead for 1 year, 3 months and 1 day.  On March 5th it will make a year 
without Shadow.  I won't lie.  It's not as if I am sad everyday.  No Sniff makes
 up for so much, but I do miss Brutus everyday.  I do miss him everyday.

We have had a good weekend.  Lots of good food and met some nice people as well.
Always makes for happier times.  Leaving Florida I thought we would miss
 chicken wings, but Branson definitely has one place that serves the best
we have ever had.  Better than Flip Flops back home or at least as good.
Yesterday we had some of that.  Made for the perfect Sunday.

The fruit here s also very good especially strawberries.  Very sweet.  Yesterday
 I stocked up on some for the next couple of days.  Weather is going to be nice
and warm.  Not exactly sure if to wear my Florida clothes or sweaters.

Happy day to all.  Hopefully you will also be having sunshine coming your way.
Don't forget, we all make our own sunshine.  Time to rock and roll all.

It's Monday.  Time to sparkle and shine.  May your clothes be
comfy, your coffee strong and your Monday short...