Mar 2, 2017

Baby It's COLD Outside...

If you want to see the sunshine you have to weather the storm...

If you look at the temperatures during the week it appears that it will definitely 
be "warm."  Those numbers are deceiving because yesterday was cold as
 hell, and with the wind blowing the way it was it's lucky people were not
 flying all over the place.  Yes, it was and still will be extremely windy.  

That makes for COLD days, and if you're out walking around, makes for
 freezing temperatures.  For us a lot more because we after all are not
 used to this so called winter so much, but getting there.

Sniff was bundled up under the covers with me as we watched TV last night.
Both Arvid and I had to warm up with a late night cup of tea.  Waking up to 28 degrees 
Fahrenheit or for Arvid's mom benefit it is now -2 degrees Celsius.  I am cold!!

All is good here in Branson, except for the cold right now.  Staying busy helps to keep 
mind mind from wandering too often to Brutus and Shadow, but no matter how 
busy I am there is always something that reminds me of them.  I miss our Brutus 
very much.  The other day Arvid saw a kitty that looked exactly like Shadow.  

He came home and when he told me we both hugged each other.  March 5th
 will be one year since our Shadow died.  One year and 4 months 
since our Brutus, my baby died.  Today my heart has sadness in it.

Good morning all.  Hope you have some warmer days ahead.

Wherever you go, whatever the weather, always bring your own sunshine...