Mar 12, 2017

Snow In Branson....

There is something beautiful everyday.  You just have to find it...

The tornado came and left.  Now comes the snow.  Yesterday snow was predicted,
but temperatures were not exactly at freezing so when it suddenly started to snow
 I was definitely not sure what was going on.  It came fast and furious.  And it lasted 
for a few hours.  Everything is covered in white.  Very beautiful to look at.

I loved watching the snow fall.  I was outside taking pictures of just about everything.
  I asked Arvid if he wanted to have a snowball fight, but he was definitely not
 having any of that.  Said it was just too cold.  Truth is I did not think
 it was that cold.  I think we have had much colder than this.

Sniff was a little confused.  Not sure what all that white stuff falling from the
 sky was all about.  At first he did not want to be by the window, but then he decided 
he was going to check it out.  When he got tired he just laid on Arvid's lap
 and fell asleep as Arvid watched TV (and dozed off some.)

Time for Arvid to make his famous hot chocolate.  Happy day to all.

Taking joy in living is a woman's best cosmetic....