Mar 19, 2017

Hello New Day ~

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine.
It's good to have a good day.  Hello Spring...

Friday was a pretty gloomy looking day, but at least it was not as cold as the last 
few days.  A little rain but that was also OK.  The trees need to be watered and the 
flowers need nourishment.  As Fridays go, very different from what 
we used to do back in Florida. Still it was a good day.

  These days it's just staying busy, doing errands then going home and doing more "work" 
 Yes all is good here in Branson.  Looking forward to see what Spring brings us.
  I want to think that winter is over, but every time we get comfy we are hit
 with a new cold spell.  Today is warm so a good start already.

Arvid does what Arvid does best.  He is always staying busy running from place to place. 
 The man is happy and always excited.  Can't keep a good man down.  He says he eats 
better here and has tried more foods than ever in his life.  Maybe he is right.  
In Branson Mexican food is now a favorite.  That would not be him back in Florida, 
but here he "loves" it.  They see him at his favorite Mexican  place and already knows 
what he will be having.  A man of habit and routines.  Always sticks to the same.

Everyday I meet more and more people.  I am starting to get to know my way around 
town a little better, and do not have to use the GPS as much as I did.  Arvid happy 
about that! When the day is gloomy I try to make it better by having a favorite 
of mine.  Alaskan Snow Crabs.  Always a winner.  Everyone who knows
 me knows that food cheers me up and snow crabs make me happy.

Sunday.. not so "quiet" as usual.  Few things to do and places to run to, 
but the fact that it is a warm day makes everything better.

To all a very good day and may you always live in interesting times ~

Sunshine and a smile is my favorite accessory.
No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn...