Mar 5, 2017

It Happens...

Nobody told me they'd be days like these...

Sometimes the best thing we can do is ride out the storm.
We all have days which seem intolerable and at times more
than one person can handle.  I for sure know this for a fact.
Every so often I feel like saying "the heck with it," and walk away.

The last few days have been not so good days for me.  I know why.  Today
 makes 1 year since Shadow died.  It still pisses me off like crazy and
 makes me want to scream and never stop.  He was just a baby and I
feel like just shaking Liliana until I get all this anger out of me.

There is anger, there is resentment, there is hurt, there is pain and of course heartache
for the loss of Shadow and the loss of a friendship.  We have spoken again, but it
has been strained.  Yet I know that Liliana will always be there for me.

Today is also 1 year and 4 months since my baby, our Brutus died.  And no,
I cannot forget him and I cannot stop missing him.  He is and always will be my baby.

Then there is Arvid and Sniff.  Not so long ago it was Arvid, Brutus and I.
Both looking at me when I am in one of these "rages."  Does not
happen often.  That is good.  They look at me with these big
eyes and wonder what the heck is wrong with her.

Long time ago, Arvid said to Brutus, "be careful around mommy.  She has
a knife in her hands and a killer look."  Now that of course made me laugh.
Everything else at that point started to look better.  Life is not always
easy.  Heck most times it is downright difficult, but it almost always
looks better if we approach it with the right attitude.

There have been many a times Arvid has also been fed up with things and I was
the one to help him through this crisis.  It's nice to have someone you can
 count on.  That someone can be just about anyone who knows you
 and knows how to lift your spirits and does not walk away from you in
the toughest moments of your life.  For me it's always Arvid!

Wishing you good times and good days ahead.  Just remember, spending
 today complaining about yesterday won't make tomorrow any better!  Sniff
 sees me sad, and runs right up to as if to ask, "what's wrong?"  I love him

There are days when everything seems wrong,  when little things hurt 
you for no reason.  But then there are days like today; when the world just
 sings to you,from the minute you open your eyes in the morning 
to the minute you shut them again at night...