Jan 11, 2018

Beautiful Times ~

Don't let the silly little things steal your happiness...

The best part of my days are the mornings.  No matter where we are,
I love the quietness of mornings.  Back home Sniff would 
have been following me around.  Here in Florida mornings were 
with Brutus and for a few short months it was with Shadow.

There is a quietness in the apartment.  I think this is why it does not feel
 like home right now.  I am missing the pitter patter of tiny paws.  I know once 
Sniff, Arvid and I come back together it will feel like home again. 
 No questions that we both love it, but as long as we still have 
Almost Home, and Sniff is not with us, Branson will be home, 
yes one day I want to come back home to Florida.

Almost Home is my "baby."  It is me they call when something needs 
checking into.  It is me the tenants text and call as well.  Not Arvid. So for
 him all is relaxed.  I on the other hand "jump" every time my phone rings or I 
get a text.  A lot of the times tenants just are texting asking when I am 
coming back other times they of course need something, 
but thankfully Tiffany and Chris are really good.

I cannot shut off the way Arvid does.  Sometimes I wish it were possible, 
but so far no luck.  Lucky him?  Maybe I will learn to let go as time goes by.
Life is good.  We are enjoying ourselves and I look forward to
 calling this home one day again.  For now I'm a visitor at home

There is sunshine in my soul today...