Jan 31, 2018

Hair Woes ~

Yes, yes I have curly hair,  No, I don't wish that it was straight...

Not exactly what happened, but my once frizzy and curly hair is now 
"tame and lifeless."  There was a time I wanted my hair to be straighter than 
it was, but then I was just a teen.  As I grew up I loved my frizzy and curly hair. 

 Today all of it is gone and I am not sure why.  Of course the weather in Branson 
is one factor, but even in the summertime I have no curls.  Someone
 mentioned it may have to do with the medicines I am not taking.  

Yup it's been a few years now since I have been on thyroid medicines.  
That is another factor probably in making my hair listless and straight.  
Even when we were in Florida a few weeks ago and with the humidity
in the air,  my hair still did not get back to its original curly ways.

  Just have to see what happens, but I am missing it.  I do like 
the straight look, but I prefer the curly look.  So does Arvid.  He says,
"looks like your hair has no life.  It's all flat."  Never one to mince his words.

I like both, but I think I prefer curly.  More life and I like the
 "wild" look as Arvid calls it.  I'm sure when we move back to Florida
for good one day the humidity will make it curly again.

I have had many a struggle trying to tame my hair.  Eventually I just
 accepted it and that made life so much easier.  It has not always been easy
 to control the frizz, but with practice everything gets easier.

  No matter what kind of hair you have the trick is to love and accept it.
 For your hair is your crowning glory.  Own it! Love it!  Enjoy it!

Life is too short to have boring hair.  Her messy hair is 
an attribute to her stubborn spirit.  As she shakes it free, 
she smiles knowing wild is her favorite color...