Jan 5, 2018

On Our Way To Florida ~ 5th Jan

Coming back is the thing that enables you to see how all the dots
 in your life are connected, how one decision leads you another,
 how one twist of fate, good or bad, brings you to a door that
 later takes you to another door, which aided by several 
detours--long hallways and unforeseen stairwells--
eventually puts you in the place you are now....

It's been a little over a year since I have last been back to Florida.
I think Arvid is more excited than I am to be going back.  Yes, I want
 to go back, but at the same time I know that as soon as we open that door
 I will be missing Brutus even more than ever.  You see every part 
of our home in Florida is about Brutus.  Even Arvid said to me,
 "it will be strange not to see his little face peeking at us."

At the same time I also don't like the idea of leaving Sniff all by himself. 
He will be well cared for.  He's healthy and unlike Brutus, does not
need to be medicated twice a day.  In that sense he's fine, on the 
other hand he loves his wet foodies and will be limited to it 
only once per day.  He will survive, but will not like it much.
  And yes, I will miss him a lot.  We love  our Sniff.

Home wards bound we are and we will have a good time combined with
 a lot of work.  Will catch up o many of our favorite restaurants 
and quite a few friends are visiting so that is also nice, for 
me home will always be the place where Arvid, Brutus, 
Shadow, Sniff and I are.  Not a location.
For me home right now is Branson, 

My home will never be a place, but a state of mind...